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Wing Bender Machine Circles

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Blogs, Wing Bender Machine

Circular wing bender machines are an extremely useful tool for bending metal circles. They can be used to create a variety of different shapes and sizes, and they’re great for creating custom parts that fit your specifications and needs perfectly. If you want to learn more about wing bender machines, we have prepared this article with all the information you could ever need!


Introduction of Wing Binder Machines

First, we’ll give you a brief introduction to wing bender machine and how they work. A wing bender machine works by taking a sheet of metal and placing it on top of the wing bending rolls (imagine rolling pins placed vertically). The wing roller presses down on the material from above to create your desired shape. This method is known as “Press Forming”. Once this process has been completed, you can easily cut through the finished product with an oxy-acetylene torch or plasma cutter to make separate pieces if necessary. You can also switch out dies in order to achieve different shapes and designs. If that doesn’t sound like enough options for you, then just wait until we tell you what else these awesome machines are capable of!


The Wing Roller of Wing Bender Machines

Most wing bender machines are equipped with a set of adjustable wing rolls. The wing roller itself is composed of two sections, including the bottom “male” role and the top “female” role. This allows you to bend an entire piece or section at once without having to work it one side first! Wing rolling also eliminates any need for welding wire seams together because there simply aren’t any! Instead, all your pieces remain flatter than ever throughout the bending process because they’re seamlessly connected from end to end – no joint lines whatsoever. Once this has been completed, you can easily cut through the finished product with an oxy-acetylene torch or plasma cutter to make separate pieces if necessary. You can also switch out dies in order to bend different types of sheet metal!

Bend the wing roll into a circular shape. Use some sort of heat source to soften up and loosen any material that might be in your way – this includes dirt, grease, rust, or paint. Once you’re certain that it’s clear enough for bending, position your wing bender machine on top of the wing so that the wing rolls are placed inside each other perfectly with zero space between them. The “male” role should fit inside of the “female” one like two pieces making up one complete circle. Turn on your wing roller tool until it’s hot enough to easily deform even stainless steel without affecting its tempering qualities. Then simply push down hard while twisting back and forth slightly in order to bend the wing metal into a circular shape.

Simply put, wing bender machines are used to bend material that’s as thin as paper or as thick as steel plates. The process is very easy and doesn’t require any technical skills – just place your wing rolls on top of each other properly, turn on the machine and twist back and forth while applying gentle pressure for bending it. You can use a wing roller tool with a wing bender machine to curve sheet metals of different dimensions such as aluminum sheets (up to 0.59 inches), stainless steel sheets (thickness up to 0.39 inches), and mild steels (thickness up to an inch n any material that might be bendable under the wing roller’s pressure.