brakemate single head wing former
single head wing bender servo option

Single Head Wing Bender – Press Brake Alternative

Description: A single-head unit with both left and right-hand folding beams. Designed to form wrappers, boxes, and tall panels.

Form fixtures are a simple solution to forming parts that are difficult to form in conventional press brakes or are outside the limits of programmable panel formers. Forming wings are on both the left and right sides of the machine. Parts can be loaded from the front or slide in off of a conveyor from either side. These machines are a great addition to a work cell to complete a deep “U” form, make a box, or put a finished radius on your blank. Press brake horn parts can be formed without having to lift the parts. This is a fantastic, low-cost machine that will allow you to form wrappers, boxes, and tall panels with ease.


Servo Form Fixture – Hands Off Operation

Description: Our standard form fixture with the addition of automated part handling via servo drive.

Benefits added by upgrading to the servo drive:

  • Programmable Forming with Automated Part Handling
  • Hands-Off Operation
  • Reduce or Eliminate Press Brake Operations
  • Reduction in Fit-up & Weld Costs
  • Move Skilled Operators To More Complex Operations
  • Easy Part Handling
  • Predictable Quality
  • Single Head with Left and Right-hand forming

If you are interested in either our standard Single Head Wing Bender with or without servo automation, please contact us.

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