dual head wing bender
dual head former servo option

Dual Head Wing Bender – Tangent Bender

Description: Left and right-hand forms at the same time, with adjustable centers. Reduced cycle time with added flexibility.

Our Dual Head wing bender is designed with left and right forming units. One Unit is stationary while the other is adjustable. This allows two forms to be made at the same time. Making both forms at the same time assures part parallelism. It also eliminates blank inconsistency from gauging off of part edges. The ability to adjust one of the units gives a wide range of distances between bends. This machine complements press brake work cells to complete the short forms on parts that are ergonomically difficult to handle or do not fit press brake physical limitations. Think outside the box and make a single seam box instead of four panels or two “L” shaped parts.


Servo Dual Head Wing Bender

Description: Dual Head Former with automated part handling, programmable forms, and hands-off operation.

Benefits added by upgrading the Dual Head Former to the servo drive:

  • Programmable Forming with Automated Part Handling
  • Hands-Off Operation
  • Reduce or Eliminate Press Brake Operations
  • Reduction in Fit-up & Weld Costs
  • Move Skilled Operators To More Complex Operations
  • Easy Part Handling
  • Predictable Quality
dual head wing bender part numbers


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