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We offer cost-effective, short lead time sheet metal forming equipment that meets and/or exceeds our customer's requirements. The technology (wing bender) isn’t groundbreaking, but our approach to it is.


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Forming tall panels, deep ‘u’ wrappers, and one-piece boxes are just some of the things that our machinery does STANDARD! If you find your production line spends too much time welding seams, we can eliminate that waste by forming those corners that simply can not be formed using a standard press brake. How do 7 seconds per bend sound? Can your press brake keep up with our wing bender?

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Dual Head Former in Metal Sheet Production

Jun 23, 2021 | Blogs, Dual Head Former, News & Events

Dual head former forms tall panels, deep “u” wrappers, and one-piece boxes devoid of wasting time welding seams. Our wing benders are designed with left and proper forming units. One unit is stationary, even though the other is adjustable. This design enables two types to become produced in a similar time, assuring component parallelism and eliminating blank inconsistency from gauging off part edges.

The capacity to adjust one unit individually offers a wide range of distances between bends. This machine compliments press brakes in a perform cell arrangement to finish the brief types on parts that are ergonomically hard to manage or don’t match press brake physical limitations.

Dual Head Former Fabrication

Due to the advancements of technology inside the manufacturing sector, mechanical engineers and producers have selections in how they create a variety of things. A preferred approach is a dual head former sheet metal fabrication. It’s a viable, cost-effective option for the cumbersome challenges of sourcing parts at neighborhood machine shops. Take some moments to understand the benefits and possibilities in the fabricating sheet metal strategy for manufacturing.

The manufacturing method of high-power laser cutting or bending thin sheets of metal is named sheet metal fabrication. Custom airplane components, satellites, chairs, tables, and property decorative are just some of the items created from sheet metal material. The list of products that can be made of sheet metal is endless. Whatever the solution, the key for companies will be to decrease costs through maintaining volume and high-quality outputs higher.

Advancements Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence

For the reason, that of cloud computing, automation, artificial intelligence (AI) along with other technological developments, at this time manufacturing is poised to take encounter streamlined workflows. Neighborhood sourcing is no longer viable to help keep up with all the production demand. CNC machining, injection molding, and 3D printing processes use platforms that are cloud-based. Nowadays, sheet metal fabrication is also among those sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

Custom complicated projects are easy to handle also. You will discover no limitations towards the styles that may be cut or fashioned with sheet metal fabrication. There’s also the comfort of utilizing a web-based platform. Manufacturers keep on the handle and save productivity by utilizing an internet platform to order their customized components.

Cutting Strategies

Sheet metal fabrication processes involve either laser cutting or bending. Laser cutting having a high-power laser beam cuts sheets ranging from .05 to ten mm thick. Bending is completed utilizing dies to create a V- or U-shape. Alternatively, bending may be carried out exactly where the straight axis to type a channel shape. The thickness for bending ranges from 0.5 to six mm.

An expert service will ship components quickly. Matter of fact, in quite a few instances, immediately after an order is placed, components are made speedy to specifications and are shipped within ten days.

Moreover to machining, injection molding services, sheet metal fabrication is usually a manufacturer’s way of lowering the price on every single item piece when each and every dollar counts. In massive or small-scale manufacturing operations, the committed amount speedily accumulates day immediately after day.